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Hi. Been a long time. Just thought I would make contact and say hello. 1969 - 1972
Hi was wondering if any of you can help me I own a scammell constructor 30t tractor unit, iv done some searching and found it's military reg is 82 BL 88 and was hoping to find some pics of her in service. It's history says it was in 51 fld sqn and was in Singapore, Cambridge and water beach.

If anyone has any info or pictures could you please email me at
Hi I joined 51 Fld Sqn in 1975 to 1978. I would like to join the group if I am allowed to do so. I was one of the 73C intake at Chepstow and was posted to 51 when finished there. Hope to hear from you if I can join. Thank you.
Joined 51 at Seletar in 1967. Spent several months up at Trengannu building airstrip. With unit when they moved to Waterbeach, and stayed with them until my demob in 1973. Detachments to Libya, Masirah, and Anguilla.
Now living a very quiet retired life in South Wales. Best wishes to all
Hi Guys I came across your page by accident, what great memories - my name is Roger Hale I was a Lance Corporal in the Army Catering Corp attached to 51 Airfield Construction, I was in Ripon when the regiment formed and flew with the advance party to Singapore. I was a Chef working mainly in the Officers Mess, I got married in the small church on camp. Sadly my brother Melvyn (Lofty) Hale who was a Royal Engineer who served with me passed away some 25 years ago with cancer, you may remember him as a Bass Guitarist playing in a band, they were very popular. I am in my 76th year living in Cyprus for passed 26 years, I am still enjoying life and keeping healthy. Would be great to link up with any former ACC lads who served with me.
Was lucky enough to serve for a short while as independent pay clerk at RAF Seleter Singapore 67 or 67. Great days and Greater guys
Hi beef it's been a very long time since I
Last made contact hope you and all the other lads are doing well if any one from the Singapore lot would like to contact me I would be really pleased .cheers mate.
Hi Beef I was with John Clark at the weekend and he told me about this web page and that you were looking for me. I must say I did enjoy meeting up with John and Margret, and we had 5hrs taking. I did lose contact with them when I went to Australia for 7years when I left the army. My e-mail address is I was in 51Squ from 1965 to 1968 and when we came home I was posted to the training Squ at Cove.
Tom Stewart
I was given details of this site by John Clark but I can't see how to join. I was with 51 Field Squadron from 1965 to 1969 and its good to see information and pictures of old friends.
Hi, was at Waterbeach between 1971 - 1973....would like to add a few photos of Malawi and Cyprus
Although I wasn't with 51, I see you have built a very good website. Just a small correction needed. The cap badge you label as Edward VI, should of course be Edward VII. No need to publish this comment.
Lcpl Paul (Scouse) Wylde, I served with 51 between 1976 and 1981. I joined the Squadron when it was 51 Fd Sqn (Airfds) at 'The Beach' and moved up to Ripon in 1977 when we were re-named 51 Fd Sqn (Const), I can honestly say that it was one of the best units I have ever served with, the team spirit was second to non. I did tours in NI in 78 and Belize in 79/80, there have been so many changes to the squadron since I got posted to BAOR in 1981, I believe now they are part of the Airborne Brigade which I find totally bizarre lol.
Hello Everybody, after all this time it is good to see photographs and names of guys I had forgotten about; not intentionally of course. Training at Cove aside, 51 was the start of my Army career. In brief (22 years worth): Waterbeach, Hameln, Long Marston, Hong Kong, Nienburg, Chatham, Chattenden, Chepstow and finally Chester. Reading through this website has made my heart beat a little faster and at the same time made me sad. Faster because I wanted to read every word (but will read more later). Sad because of the friends we have lost. I admit I don't remember as much or as many as Alan [Baker], but I did/ do remember Ron Snook - RIP.
It's thanks to Andy Armitage that I am able to get back in contact. Hope to see as many as possible in Leeds next month (June 2014).
Great website Alan - keep up the good work.
Hi All yes it is me ex 51 MT Scammel driver no I am not dead still riding my motor cycle and yes still married to Yvonne the WAAF from the block across from us bye for now hope to look out some photos.soon paul
Daughter, John James Tynan sapper Sid Tynan
Started at the Beach March 1969. Libya, Anguilla & Malawi. Nov 1972 posted to 45 at Nienburg. Demobbed August 1974.
Nice site. I was at the 'beach 1969-71 as Deputy Regtl Chiefy etc. I am trying to find a David Scott (ex Armoured) who, I have been told, was at the 'beach in 1970s. Does anyone have any info please? Old mate of mine trying to get in touch with Dave to thank him for helping to save his (old mate's) life.
Just enjoyed 30 mins. going through the site and the picis.My time in the Sqd.was later than most of those on the site as I was a member 76/78 when at the Beach and during the mover to Rippon where I was demobed in 78...I recall fond times with the unit,inc. being involved in the firemans stike where I was stationed at the police station at Duisburg...An Opp Banner tour, where this time, I was on rear party cause of my demob.,,,, and a road trip to R.A.F. Guterslough(B.A.O.R.).....My post with the Sqd was that of M.T. Sgt. so if anyone remembers me and wish to get ,, my email is to you all....
served in singapore and waterbeach 51 airfields libya 39 engnr regt w/shop reme
Just like to say H i and thanks for a fantastic Site, I served with 51 Fd Sqn (Airfds) in Waterbeach from Aug 76 till some time in '77. I moved with the Squadron when it moved back to Ripon in '77 and was renamed 51 Fd Sqn (Construction), at least we kept the black Ant as the Squadron Motif, and we carried on with the ADR Roll at RAF Gutersloh, Whilst with 51 I served as a Squadron Clerk in HQ Troop. If any one would like to contact me my e-mail adrress is

Again thank you for a superb site and a fantastic insight into Squadron life in the late 60's and very early 70's.
hi beef been off line for while due to moving residence did not get back letters from you can contact me on 01443858930 or at 2 rheola st penrhiwceiber mt ash mid glam cf453ta email lot of boys i remember not mention anywhere lofty manfred pilch mainly plant guys would love to keep in touch gary taf jones
just got computor .come across your site.was in construction troop from beginning went to all postings.great to see and read about all my old so sorry to hear some have passed on.would love to hear from.lofty manfred bernie barber.and any one else great if i could make reunion remember you well best regards to all my old mates taf jones
this is my new email address if anyone would like to get in contact with me
Hi Beef
J ust to say I didnt get your last newsletter and wondered if I had fell out of the loop as I really find them a buzz to read the things about the old and bold of 51. keep the good work up as I really enjoy your site out here in New Zealand.
Just to say I remember your dad and I never had any kind of contact till in my civvy job as an RAC Patrol I went to your dads brother at Hebburn Technical college on a breakdown and thought this is not a common name and had a good chat with his brother
Bob (Geordie) Magrs
My uncle Arthur Taroni has asked me to get in touch to let you know he is very sick in hospital. To be honest it's not looking good for him. He has had another blood clot in his lung and although they have managed to disperse it this time they have said the next one will be fatal as his heart and lungs are in a very bad way.He says he has had a good life. a large part of his life was serving in the squadron and he has regaled my children with many stories from his life then. My email address is if anyone would like to send a message to cheer him up.
Hello. I dont know if this message will get through as the security code seemed a bit odd. I am wondering if anyone remembers my father. John Eddy often known as Harry. We lived in Singapore between 1965 and 1970 at Seleta. There are two events that I remember distinctly and that is my best friends dad died in an air crash involving a Beverly. AND we had a trip to Tiger Balm Gardens. My dad is now 86 and is quite poorly he has been in hospital since Easter 2012, If any of your readers, members, squadron remember him please could they contact me via email. I would love to be able to relate some of their stories memories of that time to him. I have to be honest, I am not too sure if this was his squadron as I only have it on the authority of my very elderly mother.
Gus Sutton gave me your web site address and l myself was in waterbeach 1972-76
Thanks for allowing me in Just want to say sorry to all friends and family of Barry Duckhouse on his passing.
Just came across your site, very interesting to see some early pictures from 51, i served as a sapper from 1980-1989, from 81-83 in 51 FD SQN Construction, at Ripon, deployed to the Falklands late 1982 and built the army camps at San carlos, Port San Carlos and Port Howards, went on to serve 5 years in 33 EOD, as a Diver and Bomb Disposal Engineer. Keep up the good work.
Kind Regards
I came across your site as I have been searching for Derek Keetch. I am researching my family tree and believe that Derek was a relative of mine. I wonder if you know whether his father was named Norman Ernest Keetch and his mother was named Elsie. I believe he married a Jean.
I notice from your site that he has sadly passed away last year so I did not want to contact his widow directly. I wonder if you would be so kind as to pass my message onto his widow if at all possible. I would be very grateful for any information you could give me about Derek.
Thanking you so much.
I have found some wonderful pictures of my Dad, Billy Eathorne who I believe served in the 60's and early 70's. If anybody recognises the my Dads name please get in touch, it would be lovely to hear from you and if anyone has other pictures I would love to see them. Belinda.
Hi, just found the site , what a surprise to see so many faces after all this time ,I joined in time for my first trip to Canada in 1970 and left in 1975 for Iserlohn . All the best to you all and a Happy New Year.
Hi there,

fantastic to find this website!! I was in 51 Sqn from 72-76 and my first trip was to Malawi in '72. The photo album brings back a lot of memories. I suppose I was a sprog then, in fact I had my 18th birthday on that trip! I was attached to the Surveyors, Roger Holloway, a guy called Elliot and I can't remember the other guys name. My best buddy at that time was Jim Lee who joined at the same time and he ended up in Plant Troop.
I ended up as a Diving Supervisor and then went to 33 Ind Fld Sqn in Antrim 76-78 and then the Diving School as an Instructor from 79-81. Left in 84
Bob Perry
H,i Beef, it was great to see you again when you were up here a couple weeks ago,hope you and family are all well. As you know i have been in & out of Hosp & i have to go again tues & thurs this week and then again 22nd DEC 2011. Well enough of that cant wait for re -union to meet more of the old sqn , or sqd,s 52 &53 so if anyone would like to get in touch with me through you BEEF, or direct on, TEL :- 01543 871004 Mob O7879686020. or please do so it would be nice to hear from you, REGARDS BAZ (BRUMMIE) DUCKHOUSE CHEERS BEEF.
bob booth if you see this could you send on your email address as it keeps bouncing back that is the one that beef gave to me
i was with 51 from 68-71 and remember alot of you guys ,unfortunately my ex wife decided that she would keep all my photos of libya /canada and they all got burnt.i do remember being in the relay team from tobruk to el adam .does anybody have any photos of that
Hi to all the lads from 51 Airfields. I thanks Spud Taylor for forwarding the link. I served with 51 Sqn from circa 1969-1972. I was in the office with the Chief Clerk (Taff ?). The OC was Maj Kennedy and 2IC Capt Clements. I went on jobs to Canada, Malawi and Anguilla. Does any one remeber the BBC John Barker, Spud Taylor, myself etc. I have been retired for a couple of years now (61) and moved to Spain. After leaving 51 Sqn I was posted to Tidworth, worst place on earth and was fortunately able to get out quite quickly. Drifting from job to job I finally settled in marketing and looked after the Middle East and anywhere ending with a 'stan' for an American company. I've enjoyed looking at the photos but have trouble remembering some of the names - sorry. Best regards Bill.
Does anyone who visits the site regularly, know or heard of the whereabouts of Tony Colley?
Has anyone got any photos of the whole football team from Libya, or the infamous 6 a side team?
i was given this website by a friend, I believe my dad ( William Johnson) was part of this squadron, i have browsed your pictures but may have missed him, just wondering if there is any of him. thank you
Just joined facebook and putting in my profile all the memories started coming back, My son read it and went online and found this site. I was one of the 1st into Ripon and went out to Singapore with the advance party and demobbed in oct 68, its wonderful to see all the old photos ( faces from the past ). will try to stay in touch from now on and look forward to the next reunion. ps facebook name is just Allen Mountford
Alan Keith and everyone,
Please bare with me until I get home for my e-mail address
It's brilliant to hear from you
Kindest Regards
Bob Booth
Hi Bob been trying to contact you for a while. What,s email address?
What a wonderful surprise to find this website I would love to hear from anyone who remenbers me
A lot of you will have been at my wedding and I at some of yours.
I joined the Artillery in 67 and was stationed in Paderborn. On 20/08/69 we flew to El Adem and then went in 3 tonners to Chatham. What I remember most, apart from the flies, were the two hills shown in your Libya pics images 11 and 25/38. After some inf training in 432s we went to Bomba for a swim but had to return next day because of the revolution. We took the 432s back to El Adem. We stopped at Knightsbridge on the way, your misc 51 pics 3/14. The rest of our time till we flew out in Dec was guard duty on the bomb dump at El Adem or the RAF launch in Tobruk harbour with the occasional swim in the pool at El Adem where we saw Dora Bryan or in the sea at the Tobruk club. I have tried Google to pinpoint Chatham there is a site showing Chatham, Darnah as a well with lat and long
I was looking for some references to Chatham camp and El Adem when I happenned to find your site,brilliant job by the way. I was stationed in El Adem at the same time as you I was a recovery mechanic with B squadron 16/5th QRL's and we ended up there for almost a year instead of 6wks desert warfare training. We were billeted in the gymnasium. I also had to recover a cheiftain tank from the track through the minefield on the way to chatham. Saw that photo of the signpost on oildrum and it bought back great memories. Thanks and good luck to you.
Hello Beef

I think you have done a marvelous job of the web site. I will send you some of my pictures when I find them. I was in at the start of 51 at Claro Barracks Ripon. Joined MT Troop. I know just about all those people on your list and many who are not on the list. Will catch up later.

Best wishes to all.
Bill Mairs