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George V

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 Edward V1

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Last up-dated 22 August 2021


Sorry to all who cantacted the site via the Guest book page. I have been very lazt over the last 18 months or so. The second covid jab did not help as I have been lethagic and tired ever since I had it. (some may say that ther is not much change there then) Also during this time my wife has gone into a care home. I feel the guilt heavily but what can I do. I can just about look after myself and trying to keep her clean and helping her with the toilet etc left me exhausted.


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I will try to update a bit mor often in future but I cant say how often.


Well thats it for now take care of your selves and dont let the COVI get you.






Can you put names to these two photos























Below is a photo of one of the versions of 51 rugby team


Rugby team

 Top Row: Tam Stewart, Tony Mitchell, Butch Chapman, Paul Hughes

Bottom row:  Joe Nightingale, Clive Lee, Bob Brierly


We now have contact with Tom Stewart







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