Below are a few links to other sites you may find interesting. Some times the links may have been Broken for some reason or other . If you find a broken link please let me know 
site dedicated to post crown
another excellent site about the crown project in Thailand
Fun run at Blackpool for charities
Lanarkshire RE Association
What it says on the box. It has a very large selection of military clothing for those campers amongst us
You never know when you will need this site
The hotel that used to be the old NAFFI club. Lots of Reunions held there.
What it says on the box
New Zealand Sappers Association
Search names in military records
For ex and serving members of 4 Sqn
Neil McLean's Aden days with 39 Sqn.
What it says. A site for forces reunions for all . Army,Navy Airforce and others
Darwin Association
Ron Snooks memories of 51 Sqn
Taffs memories of 51
As it says its for old service pals.
Really great site with lots of info about the Crown project in Thailand. Lots of pics.
7 Squadron web site
Western Australia Engineers Association
Great site for camping type supplies.
book by an ex engineer well worth a read
A blogspot for 410
Put your name and details and wait for old mates to call?
For ex Bomb Disposal Blokes
Lowestoft REA