First table

Members who we have some form of contact with. Some unfortunatly have passed on.


Alan (Beef) Baker

Jim Davies 

Kevin Justin 

Keith Thomas

Arthur (Geordie) Taroni 

John Farrow

Trev Rilatt 

Bill Renton

Paul Coddington

Tony Allen

George Dempster

Chris Milne

Bernie Barber

Ken(Scouse) Bradshaw

Lt Sandy Rtd Col

John Beedie 

Steve Olsen

Ken (Geordie) Gage 


John (Pip) Harris

Bill (Paddy)Silcock

Bob Morton

Bob Adams

Pete (spud) Taylor

 Tony Franklin

 Ricky Richardson

 Bob Margs

Pete Cowing

Terry Johnson

Jeff Bowskill

Geordie Oxley

Paul (Dippy) Hills

Nev Strong

John (Charlie) Collins 

Alan (Taff) Fisher

 Phil Keenan 

 Ned Needham 

 John Clark

Geoff Slack

 Les Painting

Bill Mairs

Monty Mountford

Billy Blood

Gus Sutton

Peter Limb

Terry Kirby

Harry Spearman

Ron Field

Mick Bardell  

Chris Ellis  

Pete Edwards 

Ken Toye

Tom Davison

Garry  Jones (REME)

Sgt Major Keane

Mike Scott

Ken Blachford

Mike Warren

 Brian Richomme

 Tony Walker

Adrian (Ned) Kelly

Bob Booth

 Garry Jones (RE)

Linc Chenour

Mick Harness

Stan (Jeep) Jackson

Brian Coppack

John Davey 

Frank Hughes (little Ugg)

 Len Millward

 Bernie McPhee 

Geoff Logan

Joe Ellis

Roy Pinnock

Bill (Paddy) Ludbrooke 

Gareth (Taff) Davies

Allan (Sooty) Sutton

Les (Jess) James

John (Spud) Taylor

Clive Lee

Terry Nolan

John Peck

John Barker

Bob Young

Dudley (Fritz) Liebenhalls

Bob Carr

Tony (Scouse) Mitchell

Malcolm (Chalky)White

Gordon (Jock) Hoggan


Tony Miles (REME)

 Alan Warne

John (Dinger) Bell

John Weston 

 Geoff Cookoo

 Andy Armitage

Allen Artis


People we are still looking for

(This list is not the full list just the one I can remember at the moment. There are a lot of the Lads that came just before I left and their faces are as clear as day but I just can't put names to them)


Jeep Jackson  

 Jock Mcgowan

Percy Pearson

Paddy Cheshire

Jock Mc Donald

Ken Hawkins

Taff Finney

 Scouse Owen

Dave Jordan 

Geoff Mynette   

Norman Lighthowler

Tony Betteridge


Dave Rodgers  

Titch Banister   

Fred Prior    

Angus Stewart



Bob Brieley  

Yorkie Stone  

Spike St Julian  

Burt Lancaster   

Charlie Stavala (Sgt)               

Mick Hutchinson 

Lofty Hale  

Ted Cyrus


Theo Robinson

Geordie Stewart

 Jan Osinski    

Leo Heaps

Charlie Mcarty

Mick Harkness

 Tony Calley          

  Taff Wilkes

Mick Fenton


Frank Bidleston


Steve Lockwood

Ken (Billy) McAllister              

Sammy Lennard  

Jock Ferguson

John Prosser

SSgt Mabbott

Vic Vickery          

Terry Steers

George McCreedy

George Smiley

Pete Connor

Les Revell

 (Manfred) Mann



Inevitably some of our Members have passed away because we are all in that age group now.

Here is a short list of those that have passed away In the last year or so.

(A more comprehensive list is on the Obituaries page)


John (Big Ugg) Ashton

Ron Snook

George Dawkins

Frank Hughes(little ugg)

Gareth Davies

Harry Cook

Colin Brandrick

 Brummie Duckhouse

John Farrow

Nev Strong

Derek Keetch

Paddy Hamilton

Billy Eathorne

Les Painting