Ron Field. I do not have picture at the moment. Ron passed away in April of this year after suffering various illnessess. He will be missed. I had many long chats and his usuall banter will remain with me for a long time. RIP Mate



John Farrow 

John passed away  mid Augst 2021. He was part of the gang that attended reunion. His face and presence will be missed by us all.

RIP Mate



Gareth Davies

Met up with Gareth agin in Singapore He was working out there even though he was supposedly retired. Agood mate passed away 15th Sept 2021. He will be missed by us all. RIP Mate


Les Painting 

Les and Jaqui   Passed away in 2021. A good mate who will be remembered by many. Both he and His wife Jaqui will be remembered as a part of the 51 community. Rest In Peace.




Nev Strong    

Nev Strong


Passed away 2019. Neve didn,t manage to make the reunions but he did send us a recorded video and we did mana ge a chat on the phone and a few emails passed back and forth. RIP Mate




Sam Choudry

Sam passed away around 2017 We had only just manage to track him dow an he attended two reunions. I am glad I had a chance to meet him again. Once again one of the Good Guys. RIP mate




Trev Rilatt Trevor passed away on the 14 June 2019. Trever was liked by all and was another of lifes real Gentlemen in every meaning of the word. He will be mised by all of us. RIP mate





Frank Hughes




  Frank passed away Sunday 24th March 2019. He will be missed by many. I had some great times with him and geordie Ashton (Big Ugg and Litte Ugg) I hpe they are together having a great time. RIP Frank                   




Roy Pinnock





 Roy Died 17th February 2018, within a few weeks of his wife. I will miss or chats on the phone where we put the world to rights. When I went back to visit D Block at RAF Seletar I could still recall Roys echos shouting us down on Parade. Rest in peace mate you will be missed








Arthur (Geordie) Taroni

 Arthur passed away in hospital on the morning of 9th April   2017. We worked on many projects together and were budies for the duration of our little stay in the Jungle. Rest in peace mate




Andy Armitage



  Passed away 10:50 Tuesday 17 Jan 2017 Fond 

memories of good times In Malawi in             

particular. RIP mate






John (Pip Harris)


  I had many happy times with Pip He was always be remembered as a great character

  Passed away 28  November 2016 RIP mate







Bernie Barber

     passed away April 2016 after a short battle with cancer. RIP

   mate you will be missed. 








Kevin 1

Kevin Justin Passed away Friday 20th November 2015.    Kevin was suffering from Lung cancer. RIP mate.











Gerald (Vic) Vickers Passed away with Cancer 31st March2003. Rest in peace mate. He will be missed by the many mates he made in 51 Sqn.






Malcolm 1

  Malcolm Scott Passed away 20 April 2015 . Malcolm 2

Rest in peace mate.









Maurice Keane

Our Sgt Major in Singapore passed away on the 12th January 2015 aged 91 He became an officer before leaving the army He touched on many lives and some will remember him with mixed feelings. But I know he never did me any harm and I will always remember him with respect. RIP



   Roger (Taff) Lewis Passed away October 2014. He died of bowel cancer.   From what little I remember of Taff he was a pleasant man and well liked by all. Sorry I do not have any other first name for him. RIP mate.









Tony Walker. Tony passed away 18th August 2014 Another one of the old Guard who will be missed by many peoplex8RIP mate







Gareth (Taff) Finney.  


We have an obituary from Canada that reports the death of Gareth. He Died 24th November 2008. The confirmation was from Gareth and Denise Davies who met up with him some years ago when Gareth was working in Canada. they exchanged Christmas cards a few time and then lost touch. Taff was a nice bloke and we had many good times to gether at places like China Rock and Labuan.   RIP mate.








John Eddy


Passed away on the 1st of may 2013 just two weeks short of his 86th Birthday. He had been ill for a while and I think the fact that he heard from a few old 51 mates may have helped cheer him up. RIP mate






Barry  (Brummy) Duckhouse


Sadly Barry passed away after a long fight against cancer and all the other associated illnesses that went with it. He died at 1030 hrs Saturday 9th of June 2012. I had many good times with Barry and I will always remember him with fondness. He was a character that always stood out from the crowd and most people will have their own stories to tell about him.



George Dawkins


George passed away  0700hrs 2 June 2012. I did not remember much of George in the Singapore years and it was only after we got chatting about other things that slowly my memories of him came back. We had many good old chin wags over the last four years or so and I always put the phone down with a bit more fun in my heart than when I picked it up. This is the only photo that  I have of George

RIP George.




















It is with great sadness that I post this notice.

Ron SnookPassed away the early hours of the 18th April 2012.Ron helped organise the Reunions that we held over the past 5 years. I know he enjoyed our get to gethers and his input helped the thing to keep going and without his initial input I don't think it would have been so easy at the start.RIP mate.








Billy Eathorne

Billy died 27th September 2011. Sad to say billy's daughter didn't find our site untill he had passed away. He was the one who every one else wanted to meet again. I think everyone of us has a photo of billy some where. Rest in peace mate.
















Dave Hamilton

Passed away 30th December 2011. will be missed by many and he will be missed at this years  Reunion


R I P Davey




















Harry Cook


Harry passed away in the early hours of 22 November 2011. He was a  good mate since we first met at Ripon in 1965. I will miss you mate rest in peace Another good man gone.












Derek Keetch


Derek Passed away 19th June 2011 suffering  complications after surgery. Another one of lifes gentlemen who always had a smile for everyone and I can't ever remember him being down. You will be missed mate RIP












John Ashton



John passed away at 3 pm 13 June 2012. John was a good mate and will be remembered by his friends from 51 Sqn and all of the other Squadrons he served with. I have many happy memories of John (big Ugg) and Frank (little Ugg) on many nights at various locations round the Far east.

RIP mate you will be missed.









Phil Sanderson

Phil Passed away around 2004. The picture was taken from one of the Hockey team in Singapore circa 1967. RIP mate













Bill (Scouse) Johnson

  Passed away 19th February 2011. Bill played for the successful Football team in Singapore. I had just recently found his address and had tried to contact him RIP mate




 Colin Brandrick

Passed away  Sunday 24th Oct 2010. Colin and I came from the same area in Staffordshire. We served together both in Germany and with 51 in Singapore so  he will be missed by my self as well as his family and other mates.

RIP Mate.











 When john retired he went to live in Cyprus and spent his last years there. He died in the latter part of 2009. RIP John. We had passed emails back and forth before he died and he seemed realy chuffed that he had contacted someone from the old Squadron.





DEREK SCOTT                  


Passed away about two years ago. Best remembered as jpgand trainer of the most successfull Football Team during our time in Singapore. He is remembered fondly by his team mates












                           AKER ATKINSON jpg                      


It is with some sadness that I have to tell you that Ian (Aker) Atkinson passed away 12th February 07.  His brother was kind enough to let me know after reading the other Web Site. I am sure he will be missed by his family and many people that knew him. I don't think I ever knew any one to have bad word to say about Aker. I found him to be one of lifes gentlemen.










passed away some time ago but he will be remembered by many as one of the good guys.






Ken Died shortly after we got back from Singapore.                                













I found Moe kinsman's Daughter via Friends Reunited but she tells me that Her Dad sadly passed away at the age of 52 in1995. He had been working in Saudi prior to his death. He was a good mate of mine and I feel Sad that I never had chance to see him again. RIP mate. His wife Mary is alive and well and living in Rochester. He has a Daughter named Marina and a son named Robert who both live in London.




I now have cofirmation of the death of John. Apparently he died in a road traffic accident some years ago.

















jpgjpgJoined 51 from the RAF. He was a member of 5001 Sqn RAF and one of several that transfered when we took over the Airfield construction role.He reachd the rank of cpl before leaving the army. He had  a job as shop fitter got remarried In 1982 he joined the Northern Ireland Prison service.

He died on night duty at Maghaferry  Prison.











I had a note from John Barker informing me that Mike died in November 2006.








I was informed by Clive Lee and also had it confirmed during our Reunion that Mr Wright had died on active service in Oman. This is an extract from the Royal Engineers Journal









jpgCAPT (Noddy) STYLES 


Died while laying paving slabs at home. The information came from Tony Mitchell who was serving with him at the time











Stan Flude     I do not have any photos of Stan. He was tragically killed by a lorry while working on the Airfield in Beef Island. I do not have any more information than that at the time of writting this so maybe some one can find a photo and supply a few more details some time in the future.






Nobby Pearson

 jpeg Nobby was the first death in 51 Sqn.


He fell from the balcony of "D"   block.