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Posted on 6th January, 2009

Following my sucess with my first two sites I am getting a bit carried away. I have a few mates from 4 Sqn but there doesnt seem to be a website for that Sqn. So I have started my own.

The address of the site is on the links page

Of course I only spent two and a half years with 4 Sqn (compared with seven years with 51) so I did not get to know so many people.

I have just had a phone call while I was writing this from Gareth Davies who works in India. He tells me that Jim davies has had a stoke and is not doing too well at the moment. Hope he recovers soon but I suppose it will take a bit of time to get himself together again. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Thats about it for now


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