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Posted on 2nd February, 2012

Well here we are February already. Where did the last 12 months go?. It seems like I looked out of the window and it was January 2011 and When I looked again it was Feb 2012.


I am, as usual, looking forward to the Reunion. Its always great to see all the familiar faces and this year it will be tinged with sadness for those who passed away last year.


I do try to make this site and the newsletters as interesting as possible but as you will have noticed I could do with spell checking more often. My only excuse is that I try to jot things down and add things in before they become ancient history and as a result I probably publish with out due care. In future I will send things to Taff Fisher to edit as he can usually find a spelling or grammatically error almost before I write it. I am not being sarcastic because Taff has been really helpful in keeping my worst mistakes in check.


Speaking of Taff between us we have been trying to find references and pictures of the time we were given the freedom of Ripon. After a lot of correspondence between Taff, Myself and The Assistant director (Library and community Services) in Ripon. We managed to track down a very bad photo copy of a march past for the Rememberance parade 1965 but it was only the regiment and the RAF that was mentioned. The photos that accompanied the article were so bad I would not be able to reproduce any of them.


There must be some one out there that took a photo because I remember instamatics galore as we marched along. Just as a matter of historical fact I hated marching in things like that especially if it was in No 2 Dress.


Thats all the meanderings I have for now so see you at the reunion.

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