First Blog for 2009

Posted on 1st January, 2009
This is the second attempt I have made at a blog for January. I wrote it out and thought I had
saved it but when I brought the site up there it was gone.

Any way the gist of what I wrote was this.

I am always suprised that I have got the to the start of a new year without too many problems
and always look forward to the next 12 months as another blank page to make a mark on.

Things to lookforward to

The next Reunion

My 64th Birthday

A camping trip with my Son, Son in law and my Grandson (hope I dont regret the rash commitment)
we are only going to see things like Haidriens Wall and the Lake district. I have never done those
places so it will be new to me.

My 42nd Wedding Anniversary (I dont know what happened to all the years they have just slipped by)

With a bit of luck I will find a few more old oppo's this year (I will certainly keep trying)

Happy New Year to everyone.

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