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Posted on 7th November, 2008

I have had a busy week with emails and telephone chats from various old oppos. It really does make it all worth while just to go back over old times.

Well Obahma got in as the next US president and every one seems upbeat but at the end of the day he will still have the same old stuff to shovel as all the other Presidents and it won't make much difference in the end to us Brits.

The banks are still being their old greedy selves and trying to wring as much from Joe Public so there's nothing new there either.

As you can see I am still the same old grumpy bloke I have always been. The problem with getting older you seem to have seen it all before so its harder to get too enthusiastic about world events.

I have just put a new page on the site which I hope will become a regular feature. Its a page for stories about experience with 51. I think I have got about three printable stories to write but It would be great if some of you could send in stories or reminders of things that happened. Of course I would have to vet them but for the most part I am sure I could add them verbatim. If you are not up to writing the anecdotes yourself give me a bell and tell the story to me and I will work on it. I am sure there are football and Rugby stories that would be worth recording. Like the RAF League cup that already had the RAF Squadrons name etched in because they had always won it until 51 came along.

I am not sure about the full details of RAF cup, so maybe some one could enlighten me further.

Speaking of The Squadron Football team Keith Thomas tels me he is going out to Australia and Singapore this month so all being well we will get some pics for the site

That's it for now.


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