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Posted on 14th September, 2011

Well here we are half way through another month. Dosen't time seem to fly past when you get older? I thought time would drag once I retired but the opposite has turned out to be true.


This month I am looking forward to a trip up to York to meet up with Geordie Marshall and Frank Hughes. Of course the will also be Pete Edwards and John Farrell who seem to be the Bedrock of the York get together's. As I have never been to York it should be interesting. I don't like the prices quoted for Hotels up there. I think 2 days in York would cost the equivalent of a weeks Holiday with plane fare to Spain.


I have had news of several of our number undergoing treatment with Chemmotherapy and I would like to pass on my best wishes and hope for speedy recovery to all of them. I did think that the place they all had in common was the far east but I have revised that since learning of people that were in Libya with the same problems. John Ashton always said That I loved a conspiracy theory and he was probably right.


Speaking to different people over the last year there seems to be an Idea that Ron and I organise the Reunion event at Chatham. Well organisation as always been the last thing we wanted to do.


Right from the start it was always just a get together and the only organising was booking the venue and advertising the date and time. The whole thing is kept as for from organised reunion as possible. I think most people agree that just seeing old mates for a chinwag is what its all about. As was said on the first evening two years ago, "If nothing else happens over the next 24hrs the last 3 hours have made it worth while"


People that turned up on the Friday evening were still discussing old times with gushing enthusiasm when they were leaving on the sunday morning. By that time most of them sounded a little hoarse. Yes we could organise a dinner Party with a top Table wearing medals etc but that is what we have tried to avoid. For that kind of thing you have the RE reunion and the RE association do's. Ours is just a few boring old farts talking about old times, Looking at old photos, catching up with what we have been doing over the last 40 odd years and having a good time.


Well thats about it for now.



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