First Blog for November 08

Posted on 2nd November, 2008

Well this site is up and running and I am getting the hang of things. I do have to keep going back to correct typos and spellings but then I never was a literary genius any way.

On the other site I got an entry in the guest book from Spud Taylor but unfortunately he did not leave a contact address so I have been unable to contact him. He did however mention that he had seen Paddy Ludbrooke in Wilburton Ely. I thought why not try the phone list for the area on the Internet to see if I could find him. Well luck was with me and he was the only one listed for the area.

I spoke to him on the phone for a while and he gave me few hints of where some others might be, namely Derek Keetch and rick Richardson. I was not so lucky contacting them. As ever I will still keep trying.

If any one has just come across this site for the first time and wants me to contact me please click on the black ant on the Home page. There is always some one who remembers you and would love to find out how you are getting on and what you have been doing since you left the Army. I cant get your email from just the entry on the guest book.

I went down to see Colin Brandrick and his wife today. Its only about one and a half hrs from here. Although I wouldn't say it would be as quick on a week day. He seems quite well with pure white hair showing his age the same as the rest of us. His wife is not too well though and again its age catching up with us all.

If any one has anything they would like to see on the site let me know and I will be happy to try and accommodate you requests, but as ever keep it clean.

That's all for now folks


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