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Posted on 27th October, 2008

Hi this is my first blog on the new site. If you are ex 51 and just stumbled on this site a word of explanation may be neccessary. I already have a site up and running elswhere on the internet but I have found that it has its limitations. Now I am in the process of making a new site with much the same stuff but with more scope for pictures and other developements.

I am still finding my feet with the design of this site because the tools for building it are different to the other one. After a few days of flustrations that always come with learning new packages I think I may be getting some where at last. Most of the stuff I have at the moment is just copied and moved with a minimum of changes.

I have plans to put the following on this site:

A contacts page for members of other Squadrons who havent had much luck finding mates any other way.

Maybe a page for selling stuff to help with the costs of the site.

A Forum page for comments, updates and other topics. The page will be vetted as I would like to keep the site clean.

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