August 10th 2011

Posted on 11th August, 2011

Barry Duckhouse spoke to me on the phone last night and pointed out a small mistake on Page 2. I had put the date down as 1945 instead of 1965. I seem to make these kinds of mistakes more and more. I had just re-organised the page because I thought it looked a bit untidy as it was one of the first pages I had written and it got bits added to it as I went along. I found I had also written a rather strange spelling for Labuan, which I also corrected while I was on.


At the time of writing this the riots seem to have eased up a bit and my Son is going back to work although he is still limping a little. There is only one clear space on his body armour and the concrete block seemed to find it. Apparently it knocked him off his feet and dumped him like a sack of spuds. He then had to endure the embarrasment of being draged off the road by his mates.


We have lost four members of the black Ants this year and to add to that my Sister died after fairly short illness of Cancer and multiple stokes. It was only a year ago that she seemed so full of life and now she has gone. Her husband and Children and Grandchildren are devastated of course. It all make you painfully aware of your own mortality and brings life into focus.


The number of people who have said they will be attending the Reunion has already exceeded previous years so it looks like we will have an even better knees up.



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