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Posted on 28th July, 2011

Thought I would just put in a few words just to keep the blog ticking over.


I have been getting my grumpy old man vibes this week with all the hoo ah about the Olympics. Of course Zeb Coe and Boris are full of enthusiasm saying how wonderful it is going to be. (In Zeb Coe's case he has £10 million worth of enthusiasm because that's how much he will be making out of it and that is only what they are telling us about)


There are more fingers in more pies so that Little Jack Horner would have been squashed. The Tory press are well in line with the gravy train. The Daily Mail in particular has a sycophant per page toadying up to the organisers. the only little snag was when their masters couldn't get them tickets, then we had a little discontent in the ranks.


When this first began the affected parts of East London were told there would be lots of jobs for local people and these would carry though to after the Games. When questioned yesterday Zeb Coe said that 14% of jobs in his firms had gone to local people. What he did not say that most of those employed on the sites have been from other countries. They claim that they use foreign Labour because Local People won't work for the same pay. That's not really the case. It is just easier to employ foreigners on short term contracts without any real security. I suspect there are quite a few illegals working for these firms too. If you ask questions like that around the site you get very evasive answers.


Another thing we heard a lot about before the first bit of ground was broken on the site was the affordable tickets for Londoners from the area and all the affordable housing that would be in the area afterwards. What they never said was who would be able to afford them.


The whole lot is elitist from start to finish. They are content for the tax and council charges plus lottery money to pay for everything Lining their own pockets but they don't want us to enjoy it unless we are part of their select few.


Well thats a lot off my chest and I feel a lot better.





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