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Posted on 27th August, 2010

I have not had much chance to write a blog for a while because I have had other stuff to do, like the next news letter, the garden etc. I don't know where the time goes you look out of the window its summer and the next time you look its winter again. (OK may be it doesn't go quite that fast but you get the picture)


This month there have been three new contacts, Dereck Keetch, Alan Warne and Brian Richomme. Brian was the CofW on The famed Changi Car Park amongst othe major jobs.

I have booked in to the King Charles Hotel for the next reunion. The reunion this year will be 26th of Feb. I am booked in for the Friday and the Saturday nights. If you want a single room its always best to book early.


Ron sugguested we have the reunion in the Isle of Mann in 2012 and most people I have spoken to seem to be in favour so far. As a lot of people live in the Chatham area there is a possiblity of booking a coach trip with pick up points on the way there. That can be discussed at the next reunion and if Bernie and Trev are at the next reunion we can pick their brains about a venue.


Holidays this year were a none starter. I was too late to book a camping site and I didn't fancy driving some where just on the off chance so we did not go any where in the end. However I did take the grandson on a open top bus tour round London which included a trip on the thames from Westminster to Grenwich. It was a hop on hop off bus with the  tickets valid from 9am to 9pm. Very expensive but well worth the money for tourists as you get to see all the sites of interest. Althougth I live in North London I usually avoid the city so It was a good day out for me as well as the grandson.


Thats about it for this time



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