2nd blog for June

Posted on 13th June, 2010

Just to say the latest newsletter has gone out. If you have not had your copy yet let me know. If you have problems reading or opening the pdf file I can send it to you via snail mail as long as you have provided me with an address.


I now have a contact email for Ken Blachford so if any one would like to contact him let me know. We are now up to around 80 contacts and I have written to Al Warne at an old address and am waiting hopefully for a reply.


Still having problems contacting others but I may consider purchasing the UKInfo list that gives the details of millions of people in the UK from the voting lists. Of course that will only be of help for those that have remained in the UK.


As its the holiday season I supose contacts and correspondance will be a bit slower until about September but maybe on their travels some may meet old Sqn members if you do please point them in our direction.


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