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Posted on 26th June, 2011

Well its been a bit of a sad month with the two old mates passing on. I attended John Ashton's Funeral Service and I will be attending Derek Keetch's funeral on this coming Thursday. Also at the funeral were Alastair Brownlie and Mary, Tony Allen and Julie, Pete Edwards and Sue, Frank Hughes, John Farrow, Myself and my Son Robert.


I understand that quite a few of us will be attending Dereks Funeral too.


On a lighter not I have managed to speak to Both Brummie Duckhouse and Bob Adams.

Bob persuaded me to go on to the Skype set up and the process was relatively speaking quite painless. So all you skypers can now contact me free of charge.


As I sit here writing this the temperature reading is 31C. Mind you this room does hold the heat because it gets the full glare of the afternoon and evening sun. I only mention this because Bob Adams was telling me it was 30C in Spain. Still I suppose Spain will be more consistent throughout the summer.


I have attempted to put the first ten newsletters into one PDF file and put it on the archive page. I don't know yet if it has worked yet. If you are reading this and found that the pdf file did not work then bear with me I will have it working by the end of the week.


Thats it for now I hope you all enjoyed the last newsletter and dont forget I am always looking for bits to add and Pad so send me a few emails and stories.



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