29 March

Posted on 29th March, 2010

When I was last in Germany in the 70s I used to listen to a bloke called Harvey Andrews. I bought his LP “Writer of Songs” and wore it down wafer thin becauseI played it so often.


I later brought 2 other LP,s “Friends of mine” and “Fantasies from a corner seat “.

My Record player broke years ago so I hadn’t heard the songs for a while. 


My son and my Daughter got me CD’s of the first two (“fantasies from a corner seat” is out of print).


I started to listen to them again and became hooked all over again.


Just out of curiosity I typed his name into google and found he was alive and well and still performing.

The upshot was that I brought 5 CD’s that I had not heard. The magic was still there. The songs can make you

laugh, put a tear in your eye and make you think about life in all its vagaries.


You may not have heard of Harvey Andrews because he is not mainstream Pop music but a lot of you will be familiar

with his song “Soldier”.


Harvey’s web site has some samples of his newer stuff as well as the old so if you want to check it out his site is at   modernprojects.com/Harvey/  


It’s well worth a look.


He is playing at Chatham 22 April.

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