March 16th

Posted on 16th March, 2010

By now every one should have the News letter. Just to say I got two things wron in the letter.


First mistake was the Group photo list of the front row. I missed Terry Kirby off. He is the fouth one from the right on the front row, between Alastair Brownlie and Trev Rilatt. Sorry about that Terry.


Second mistake was that I said the cost of the Room and buffet was £400  well Ron informs me that it was only the cost of the buffet and coffee that cost £400 the room was a further £150 which Ron had paid for. So I have gone halves on that with him. The only reason Ron mentioned that was because we may not be able to do that next year and the cost may all have to come from the contributions.


From the feed back I have had it seems like every one enjoyed the reunion which means it has  been all worthwhile. I have already started to think about next years reunion so any Ideas for entertainment of things of Interest should start contacting me now.


As I said in the news letter the vote on next years venue was close but came down in favour of keeping it at the same place. I will be phoning round/checking out a few places a bit further north just to see if we can get anywhere as cheap while avoiding army camps and the like. There is a fine balance between a few mates getting together and a Regimental style Reunion. I have never been keen on the regimented side of things.


The thing about the Hotel we have been using is that it was reasonably cheap, Clean and they were prepared to discount a few things. Of the places I checked last year some of the accommodation was cheap but the meeting rooms were costly and things like buffets and screens for the projector were a lot more expensive. one place I checked wanted nearly £500 for the meeting room and then we had to be out by 8 pm.



Well its time I got back to trying to find other ex members of the Sqn. Bye for now.

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