Reunion 2010

Posted on 28th February, 2010

Well it has soon rolled round to what appears to be our annual reunion. We had a total of 32 ex 51 Squadron members turn up and several had partners with them so I think we can count that as a bit of a success. I can,t remember all the partners names so please forgive me for not mentioning everyone.


Every one seemed to enjoy themselves againwith cries of, "you haven't changed a bit" and "sorry who had you used to be ".


I managed to get a bit of a slide show going. and Len Millward and his wife brought a a video of their wedding that had been made from an old 8mm film. No sound of course but, there were the younger versions of people attending the reunion running round on screen to show that we were not always "Wrinklies".


When we took the group photo there were people who were present at the reunion but otherwise occupied at the time. I have manage to stick them on another photo by cutting and pasting from other photos so that the whole group can be seen. Both the group photo and the one with added images can be seen on the Reunion 2010 page.


We had a bit of a ballot about whether we should future reunions at some other venue further North i.e. around the Midlands. I counted the votes and they actually came down in favor of keeping it at the same Hotel. However it was  a close vote so we will still look into finding some other venues and put it to every one when we can get a favorable deal.


The voting went as follows.


For the same location                                 15 Votes


For a more Northern or midlands Venue.   12  Votes


Neuteral Vote                                              5  Votes


As soon as possible I will get a newsletter out to show everyone the pics of the Reunion in a bit more detail and to spread whatever other news comes to my attention. I will also try to fulfil the requests for pics and media that people hve asked for. The news letter should be within the next two weeks and the rest as and when I can do it. I will not keep anyone waiting any longer than is neccessary.


Well thats it for now. I think I will try to catch up on some rest after a very nice but very hectic weekend




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