Blog for 6 February

Posted on 6th February, 2010

Just a few lines for the begining of the month.


John(Pip) Harris sent me a few pics and I have added them to the same page as the Malcolm(Chalky) White picture page. This way it keeps the number of pages down and is less to trawl through.


I have managed to contact Mick (Geordie)Marsall and had a chat with him. He seems to be keeping well and like many of us he is retired now. He says he will not be able to make the reunion but sends you all his regards. I got Micks number via Mike Scott.


I have also had a contact with Richard Sandy (Lt Sandy) He says he ended up as Col and then became  a British Attache in the middle east. When I spoke to him he had just got back from there. Len Milward had the first contact with him and he passed the number on to me. Mr Sandy sends his regards to anyone who remembers him.


Its only about three weeks to the  Reunion now and I am looking forward to it. See you there .


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