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Posted on 27th January, 2010

Well the next Reunion is getting nearer and there should be around 30 of the old Sqn attending if everyone turns up.


This month there have been two new contacts Lt Sandy and Ken (Scouse) Bradshaw. (Nice to hear from you Gentlemen) Mr Sandy retd as a Col and then spent time in the middle east and has in fact just returned from there. Ken Bradshaw lives in the Dover area and says he will be at the reunion.


Len Milward sent me a phone number for Mr Sandy and Ken got in contact via the site.


I can' remember if I wrote this in the last news or not but Clive Lee informed me that Mr Farmbourgh dide in Cyprus just before Christmas. I did exchange emails with Mr Farmbourgh once or twice and he was very helpful in tracking down a few people who he knew had retired to various areas. RIP Mate.



Thats about it for this time.



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