First Blog for September

Posted on 2nd September, 2009

 Well here it is September already and time for another blog.


Nothing really to report on the contact front as most of the information is already on the site. I did find a nice site that trawls the local voting lists of every town in the UK but it only allows you a few searches before it starts asking for money. I did however get a few leads that looked promising but in the end it was just a few delightful conversations with some old ladies but not real contacts. Ron has told me that maybe a few of the lads settled in the Channel Islands so I will be looking into that area next.


Ron has booked the Hotel at Chatham for the next reunion and managed to get a few consesions for us the details of which I will put on the Home page later.


Looking forward to our holiday in Singapore. Thats the next big thing for me as it means sorting out travel details and trying to arrange a meet up with Gareth Davies and Keith Thomas who will be there at the same time. My biggest worry is that I will not be able to get a trip round Seletar and be able to take a few pics.


Mr Keane has sent a donation to funds, though he says He is very unlikely to be at the reunion. He is 86 this year so I don't suppose he would travel too well. Any way thanks Mr Keane it will be put to good use.


On the home front due to the glories of face book I have managed to connect with a few of my extended family that I have not seen for a while.

Its a great site but you should be a bit wary of what you disclose on the site. For instance crooks have been checking it out to see when you are away on Holiday. I am not too worried about that because I have arranged house sitters for the time I am away.


I have just about recovered from our camping trip and now that the memories are fading I am considering something similar for next year. The next time it will be a bigger tent with decent beds, tables and chairs and a decent cooker for meals. I am older and need my comforts now.


Mike Rustons latest book is due out this month. I know Mike is not 51 Sqn but I did buy and enjoy his first two books and have pre ordered his next one. If you are interested there is a link on the links page.


Maybe we will get a nice Indian summer over the next few weeks to make up for the rain we have had through August. what ever happened to Global warming. I was just getting used to those nice long hot summers but it looks like the scientists can't get anything right.


Thats about all the chat I can think of so TTFN



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