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Posted on 9th August, 2009

Well we have just been on a three day camping trip around the Haidrians wall area.


I approched the whole thing with a slight feeling of dread right from the start and was already calling my self a fool for even thinking of it in the first place. In the end though it was not so bad.


I still don't like the condensation first thing in the  morning or the rough meals you always concoct and call it breakfast. If we ever do anything like that again it will have to be in a much larger tent that you can stand up in and have proper camp beds that don't collapse ever time you turn over.


The campsite had a very good amenities block with hot and cold running water, flush toilets and showers. There was also 3 large sinks to wash your utensils in and a laundromat for washing and drying clothes etc.

According to their advert there should have been an all day breakfast available but for some reason there was no sign of this.


We were camped on the top field that meant every time you needed the toilets or showers it was a hike there and back. That was not a problem for the young ones but my legs seem to have given up the ghost and it was a real struggle for me.


The grumps and groans aside it was well worth the effort as I have never been to Hadrian's wall before. The highlight for me was a place they called Vinderlana ( hope I have got the spelling right). This has the remains of Roman baths, Toilets, barracks, Shrines and the village out side the walls of the fort.


They are still digging the area and it looks like there will be plenty more to be discovered. As a fan of time team I was quite chuffed to be there.


I would have liked to do more in the way of climbing the peaks and hills where the wall runs but as I said before the old legs can't be forced in to it.


I manage to get some great pictures thanks to the wonders of the digital camera.



On the third day we took a trip to Newcastle and I went over to Gateshead to see John Collins. John is looking pretty good and its always nice to see him for a chat.


I have had a few emails from Sgt Major Keans Son and he tells me that his Dad is alive and well at the age of 86 and lives in North Yorkshire. He retired as Captain.


The third Newsletter is in progress and should be out in about 2 weeks.


Thats about it for now folks. I hope I have not bored any one too much.





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