Second blog for July

Posted on 15th July, 2009

I have just finished the second newsletter and spent most of yesterday emailing it to every one. As I do not keep an address book on line for security reasons I had to type out each individual email address. I am working on a method of sending bulk emails to save time.


It took most of the day to finish sending the emails but I was happy to do it as it means that we have a lot of people that we can now contact. Concidering that we started off with only 4 of us in contact it is a sign of our success.


There are still Quite a few people who do not have computers or at least do not have email addresses even if they have a computer. So today I will be printing off hard copies and posting them around.


When I speak to people on the phone I get hints of where some of the lads were last known to be and sometimes this provides a hint for searching for them. Some of the blokes seem to have dropped off the radar alltogether though. Dave Jordan, Geoff Mynette, Jeff Slack and Loffty Hale to name but a few.


Luckily we still have the odd trickle of people finding their way to the website. Tony Allen was one of these. He was visiting his Son in America. His Son was trying to get Tony to get a computer and get on line but Tony was apparently proving to be a bit resistant to the Idea. His Son then introduced him to the joys of computing and one of the first things they came across was our site. I understand from Tony that he is now looking to get himself on line.


Thats it for now folks. 



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