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Posted on 17th June, 2009
Not much to gossip about so far this month but I thought I should try to put something on for the faithful who log on in the hope of something new.

I have had various chats over the last couple of weeks.

I phoned Ron Snook who just happened to be in France for the D Day rememberances. I hope he had a good day for it.

Colin Brandrick phoned for a chat and tells me he has not been too good. A trip to the hospital and his diabeties is getting worse too. It seems a lot of us are falling apart bit by bit. At least we can console ourselves that we have reached the ages we are, the young ones still have hope for the best.

I spoke on the phone with George Dawkins and he seems in good spirits. We mentioned SSM Kean and George seems to remember some one saying that he had died. If any one can confirm this I could include Mr Keans name on the Obituries page.

Speaking of the obituries page I would like to put a picture of Lt Wright on there but I am not sure which one is his photo. So if any one has a copy of the Sqn photo could you look it up and let me know.

While talking to George he mentioned a Squadron photo that had been taken at the begining of our stay in Singapore. I do not remember such a photo but if it exists and anyone has a copy let me know.

Before we left Ripon there was a parade where we marched to Ripon Cathedral. Some of the wives were taking photos on that day so if any one has a copy I would love to see it. Maybe I will try the Ripon local paper to see if they have a copy.

Well I think I have rambled enough for now TTFN


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