Blog for 5 May 09

Posted on 5th May, 2009

Well here we are May already and once again the clock moves slowly forward towards the highlights of the next twelve months.


I have many things to look forward to so life seems pretty full. I have a small camping trip with my grandson, Son-in-law and my Son in August. (I am not sure what possessed me to suggest that one). My wife and I are going on what may be or last trip to Singapore in November. And of course there is next year’s reunion to look forward to.


I see that the Government has had to go back to the drawing board with their proposals for the Ghurkha Soldiers. I suspect they will still fall short of expectations what ever they come up with next.


The Black Ants 51 membership is slowly growing but I still have more promises than actual membership. Still it’s early yet and I suppose most people will just be recovering from the Council Tax payments that hit us all in April.


One of the sites I have found on the Internet is from Jalan Kayu. It’s a site run by school children from the local school in Jalan Kayu . The site has things that are mainly of interest to the locals but there are also a few nice pictures from the 60’s and little interviews with ex RAF and a few stories from people that were there about the same time as we were. I you would like to look at this site its at


As I write this, the swine flu is supposedly going around. The TV seems to be putting it into every bulletin and the newspapers are joining in with the scare mongering. As it seems to be no more virulent than the normal flu it makes you wonder why, and think maybe they just want to take peoples minds off other things. As was said after 9 11 now would be a good time to bury things you don’t want people to know about.


The above paragraph makes me seem like I m obsessed with conspiracy theories well I am not really but I do notice things like leaked “Hot stories” about Prince Harry being in Afghanistan just as Gordon Brown sold us down the river over Europe with out a referendum. My Granddad always said if there is a big news story always look for the bigger picture in the little one or two paragraphs tucked away in the corners of the paper.


Well that’s everything off my chest for a few days so bye for now. 


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