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Posted on 25th April, 2009

Well it’s been a long two weeks without an Internet connection. I have been suffering withdrawal symptoms. I never realised just how much I had come to rely on the Internet. I use it for checking exchange rates, Holiday bookings, general enquiries, dictionaries or encyclopedias. I like to use the Google Earth to check out places I am about to visit.  It’s a great way to keep in touch, do research on Family history and loads of other stuff I could list. Normally I would spend about two or three hours per day (Not all at the same sitting). Then suddenly Virgin Media let me down. They put a new connection for some one else in our street and the signal to my house was split and my connection was lost.


The biggest problem has been the lack of urgency exhibited by Virgin. They seem surprised at my anger that I should have to wait two weeks before any one could come to put a new larger connection in for me. They seem to assume that the customer will be grateful that they will eventually turn up and may be able to solve the problems that they had caused in the first place. The attitude seems to be that it’s the customer’s fault for using the expensive equipment that they provide (really we should just pay every month and not bother them when the equipment doesn’t work). The support line people treat you like you are some kind of idiot who has never used a computer before and seem surprised that you have any technical knowledge at all.


Well that’s that lot off my chest.


The Black Ants 51 seems to be gathering a bit of momentum with a few people sending their cheques. Really I suppose it was a bad time to start up as April is the month we are all hit for council tax etc. For myself April is always a bad month as that is when my car tax, car insurance, and car service all come due as well as the house insurance. Some times I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to sell everything up and go and live in a tent in the woods somewhere.


Well courtesy of my eldest Daughter and my Son we are off to Singapore in November. I was going to wait until next year but from what Keith Thomas said there is a plan to destroy Seletar camp in 2010 so I decided to go this year and try to get a last look before it finally disappears.


I don’t know if I will be able to connect to the web site from Singapore but if I can I will do a blog once a week and post a few pictures. 

   I have had chats with, Frank Hughes, John Ashton, Tony Mitchell and Taff Fisher this month and it always cheers me up, I also spoke to Ron Snook and he tells me that Jim Davis is improving health wise but still has trouble with his hearing.

I notice that while the Government thinks it is OK to let people from all over the (world including people that want our destruction) stay and have all the benifits of the state, I doesent think Gurka soldiers who have served the country should be alowed to stay. Maybe if they started attacking police and throwing things while trying to blow us up, Ken Livingstone would take up their cause. 

Well thats all the ramblings for now.


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