First Blog for April

Posted on 4th April, 2009
Well its April all ready. Where is the time going.?

I  dont have a lot to report tso far this month but I have spoken on the phone to Frank Hughes, John (Charlie) Collins and Dave (Paddy) Hamilton and all seem well. Although Dave hamilton is not in the best of health and is just recovering from the effects of some minor surgery.

I am now in possession of all the paper work for the Black Ants Account and the first subscriptions are in the bank.

Ron Snook is in the process of winding up his business premises so I wont be able to visit him there any more and will have to go to his home to see him.

I have decided to take what may be our last trip to Singapore in November.

Keith Thomas said that Seletar Camp is closing next year so I hope to go and take a last look around if it is possible.
As we are going there for a month I may not be able to put anything new on the site until I get back home. I will be taking my computer with me and will attempt to connect up to keep every one updated. But from past experiences It can all be a bit hit and miss when using Hotel Internet connections.

Thats about it for this time as a trip round the shops with the Missus is calling.


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