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Posted on 3rd April, 2013

I have not put fingers to keyboard for quite some time and really could not trust my self to write about our politicians without swearing.

For this Blog I can steer clear of politics because I have just made a pleasant discovery.

For years people have been telling me to join the National Trust.

I ignored them for various reasons. (I did not like the cost and I did not really see the point.)

Then recently my wife's family came over for a visit.

I had to find things of interest for them to see and do.

One of the things that they showed an interest in was to visit the historic places like the tower of London and all the sites of London and  the further afield places, like Stone Henge .

There at Stone Henge  was a woman pushing the National Trust joining  pamphlets at me. I explained as usual that I was a pensioner and couldn't afford it. To which the Lady replied there is a special price for pensioners. I still was not convinced and just paid out for the tickets that allow you to walk round the Henge. Not near enough to them so that you can really appreciate them and just near enough to make you feel a little disappointed and somehow cheated at the same time.

Coming out I again encountered the lady with the trust joining Pamhlets. This time I thought what the heck and signed the paperwork and was given my card and credentials.

Then came the amazing part. She gave me my money back for the car park and my entrance fee plus the entrance fee for two of the others who happened to be students under 19. so already I have made half of the joining fee money back.

From there we went to Old Sarum a few miles away and again myself and my two  students got in free (a saving of around £24.

With the Long summer holiday still to come and 4 grand children to be entertained I think me and my trusty NT card are going to have a wonderful time.

I can take up to 6 young people under the age of 19 in with me for free.

Senior annual Rate £37 .  Some of you will be saying that you have been doing it for years and some will be like me and feel a bit doubtful. But I think its the best deal I have seen for ages.

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