24th march 09

Posted on 24th March, 2009
Well not much been happening since the reunion so not a great deal to  write about. However I feel I must do something to keep the site ticking over.

I went down to see Ron Snook again and he let me have a good laser printer for a really good knock down price so I should be able to produce a few nice documents for the next reunion.

I have also looked into the banking side of starting an association or club for us oldies. There doesnt seem to be much of a problem. Just find a name and put money in and then its just run like a normal bank account. From what information I got its not a problem until you get a turn over of about £50000 then you need an accountant and have the VAT man checking everything. As we are unlikely to get more than a few hundred that would help pay for the venue and maybe the buffett I don't think there would be much of a problem.

There seems to have been a bit in the news about the ongoing situation of our Lads in places like Afganistan. Street protesters calling them names as they marched in Towns. Then there were the two page spreads in some papers saying how badly prisoners were treated after they were captured. Well for what its worth if they don't want to support our troops who have no say in where they serve then maybe they are in the wrong country. As to the treatment of prisoners maybe they are right maybe we should treat them in a more Muslim way, you know what I mean, chop their heads off and them tie the bodies to the backs of trucks and drag them round Trafalgar Square while the population beats the bodies with shoes. No, we won't do that because we are a civilised nation but I think that puts it into a bit more perspective.
I wonder if I could sue Bin Ladin for his insults to my religion or sue the Idiots who were jeering our troops for disrespecting my religion and my country and for inciting racial tensions.

Well thats a bit off my chest and I feel better.


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