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Posted on 24th February, 2009

Well Next Saturday is the reunion day and I am looking forward to seeing everyone. We have had three people cry off because of problems with their own or Family members health which is only to be expected given the age group we are in. I wish them all well and hope they will be able to make any other reunions we may have.

I had a load of emails from something called Multiply and they were dumped into a trash bin by one of the many security programmes I have monitoring my mail. I now find that Multiply is a new name for MSN. Unfortunately I deleted around 50 emails so if any one is waiting for a reply from me after using the Multiply programme you will have to resubmit you email to me. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused and will endeavor to write to any one who emails me for the second time. Just goes to show that you can sometime be over cautious.

I now have direct email contact with Ken Toye and Bob Carr should any one like to contact them.

Harry Spearman lives in Victoria Australia and I was getting a bit concerned about him as he was in the area where they have just had all the fires so it was with some relief that I got a reply from him saying that all was well with him and his family athough they have got freinds who have lost everything.

Had a few chats with old mates this last week and most seem to be of good cheer athough suffering from various ailments. It is always great talking to every one and it makes me realise that this website is a worthwhile project.

Thats about it for now folks but should be back with loads of news about the reunion next week.


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