A few Ramblings

Posted on 5th February, 2009

Usually I am on the computer messing about for two or three hours a day on and off checking my emails,updating websites and playing the card game.

However for the last two days I have been stricken with a gastric type flu. I suspect it was a present from my youngest Grand Daughter who stayed with us a few days last week and poor little kid was not in the best of health for most of that time. (not our fault she brought it with her.) I won't go into gory details but suffice to say I am still afraid to stray far from the bathroom facilities.

So I logged on for the first time in two days and managed to get up to date with emails etc. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of hits on this site. It would be nice if I could get more entries on the guest book when people look up the site. It would serve then as a sort of Forum where you could pass on regards and ask questions of old mates other than my self. There is a way of putting a proper forum onto the site so I will canvas people at the get together at the end of the month and see what kind of response I get.

The weather seems to be the only topic on TV the last few days. Is it me or are we getting to be a load of namby pambys.  I can remember struggling to school in two foot of snow and later on in life pushing my bike though similar to get to work.

Keeping this site going has been very rewarding because the photos and contact with old mates brings back so many memories and most of the memories are good ones. There are still a few people who are proving difficult to find but I am sure that eventually we will catch up with them. Although there are three people I cant even get a hint of. Dave Jordan, Geoff Mynette and Geoff Slack so any one who saw them after about 1973 let me know. every lead will be followed up.

Thats all the ramblings for today.


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