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Posted on 15th July, 2012

I have just had another of those weeks that seem to be coming part of my life at the moment. I have attended two funerals.

The first funeral was again in my home town of Hednesford where only a few days before I had attended Barry Duckhouse' s Funeral. This time it was a dear friend of mine and my family. Although she was quite old when you compare her age with that of Barry she will still be missed and her death has left a gap in my life that will never be filled.


The other funeral was my cousins wife who died from a cancer that had grown in her ear canal. From onset to the end it was only about six months. Although I had kep in touch with them I had not actually seen either my cousin or Kath his wife for nearly 50 years. I had planned on having a holiday near them this year because they live in Aberystwyth and it seemed like a good idea. As with a lot of things in my life I had left it a bit too late.


The funeral was of course held in Aberystwyth and I had to travel up on Thursday and stay two nights in a Hotel. The jurney up ther was a nightmare because there was an accident on the M1 and I was stuck there for 3 hours going nowhere.

On arrival in Aberystwyth I met up with my cousin and had an emotional reunion, a few whiskeys and a chat over old times.

The funeral the next day was another emotional happening with a hymn that always breaks me down(The old Rugged Cross) because of all the funerals I can associate with it.

The Wake afterwards also brought saddness because I met up with old school mates and found that many of our old class mates had passed away recently.


During all this melancholy I realised that what I should be doing was celebrating life becaus with all the sad news there came news of births and marriages and news about mates that were doing well all round the world. At the end of the day its good to be here and still doing the things that make the world tick.

Cheers and heres to the next 67 years.

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