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Posted on 1st July, 2012

Well I could not believe it when I looked at the blog page. February was the last time I posted anything here.


Well since I last wrote we have had three of our number pass away  Ron Snook, George Dawkins and Barry Duckhouse RIP lads.


All I ever do just lately is attend funerals. Last week it was Barry Duckhouse and I had hopped that would be it but no," The Reaper" has taken an old friend of the family and also my cousin’s wife. Both were dear to my heart. It never seems to let up and I am dreading the next phone call or email. Still that’s what you get for reaching our age I suppose.


The funerals of old mates do have one consolation to them at least we manage mini reunions. Although the circumstances are not the best we do get chance to catch up with each other.


I have already booked the next reunion at the King Charles Hotel for the first weekend in March. So look after yourselves Lads I want to see as many as possible while we can all get about.


I have finally self published my book of my sketches. The process has many pitfalls but I got there in the end and even if I never sell a copy I have checked another thing to do before I pop my clogs.


My pop clogs list actually started in the 1979 or there about.


The list went something like this


1)                  Learn about computers  (Done and have had loads of fun since starting off with my first ZX81 where you typed in code for about two days and managed to make a hang man game)


2)                  Learn Guitar (Done but still play very badly but I didn’t actually start learning till I was gone 45 years of age.


3)                  Go to China and America (Done and along the way took in a few extra Places)


4)                  Live to see Grand children (Done 4 times so far)


5)                  Write a story ( Got 3 different ones on the go at the moment but have managed to publish something see above.)


6)                  Write a pop song (wrote loads and had one recorded and taken up by the Staffordshire men Folk Group. More on the way) this has all been done this year.


7)                  Teach myself how to carve things out of wood. (Its hard going and my joints hurt but I am getting there)


8)                  Do something that will impress my wife ( No luck there so far and I don’t think I will achieve this one.



Well this has been a bit of waffle but it should pass a bit of time while you wait for everyone else to be ready to go out.



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