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Posted on 29th December, 2010

I see that I have not done a blog for quite some time. I think it is because I seem to put most of the news on the first page when I put the update info on.


Well at the time of writing Christmas is over and we are heading to the new year so Happy new year to one and all.


Just a recap on the latest contacts, Geoff Slack, Les Painting, Bob(Jock) Morton, John Weston and Tony Walker have all joined us over the last few months and all say they will be at the next reunion.


There was a report that the King Charles was fully booked for the reunion. Well that's not strictly true. There are no more single rooms left but there are plenty of Double and twin rooms left.


News of John Ashton. John has had his operation an apart from one or two set backs he is recovering and may even make the reunion this year.


Its sometimes hard to explain to people why the Reunions are so great. On the face of it we do not do much more than sit down and chat about old times. However I think everyone who has attended the previous Reunions knows it is a lot more than that.


One comment on the first evening last year just about summed it up for everyone, " I have only been here two hours but I have already had 4 times the enjoyment I expected and the weekend has already paid for its self."


Dave Hamilton said he would ask the RSM of the RSME to maybe "pop in" to our reunion and give us a talk on the modern day Corps. I thought this was a good Idea. Then  when I replied to Dave's email saying I would run it past everyone else because we had always tried to keep our Reunions more about Freindships rather than the military and Corps side of things. Maybe it would not be everyones cup of tea.


I think Dave took that the wrong way because his reply was a bit Terse to say the least.


For the record, we are still connected to the modern Corps with Children and Grand children who have also served or are serving.


Thats about it for now






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