This is a page for any one who has a few nicknacks they would like to sell on. Or if you run your own little bussiness and would like a bit of free advertising. It is not a page for large comercial firms.


For all your telecomm needs contact Bill Renton he can get some very cheap deals. Much cheaper than most of the big players in Telecommunications.


Find out how you can call FREE around the UK and 48 counties around the world FREE, and you can even call mobile for FREE in 16 countries. Get rid of the old house phone bill and use the Iris 3000 Video Phone for £9.99 unlimited calling, get rid of your expensive home phone now call Bill on 07860868144 or email


Frost Distribution

Telephone 0113277 2733

Pete Edwards does deliveries all over the UK And Europe.

Frost Distribution is the Firm he is contracted to


Need New furniture or Repairs to Quality Furniture

Mike Scott does Regency reproduction Period furniture and can repair older

quality furniture. In the Northampton Area


Phone 01604 620499


Need a Mobile lift to reach those awkward roofs etc?

Check out Bill Ludbrooke in the Cambridge area


Need Security in the Oldham area try

Allan Sutton


All your printing needs

 from Chris Ellis at ACE PRINT

Labels,Flyers,Booklets and Sheet music printing in the greater Leeds area





Item 1

jpgMilitary Lapel/Pin badges


Or 50p each

Payment by cheque For details


Quote Item Number and give address for delivery.














Item 2

jpgCharity Lapel/Pin badges  50p each

Payment by Cheque For details contact


Quote Item number and give address for delivery.






Item 3

jpgPackets of Assorted Lapel/Pin badges minimum of 40 badges

per bag. £10 per bag.

Payment by Cheque. For details contact


Quote Item number and give address for delivery.